Bread is pretty ubiquitous the lives of most people, being one of the most basic elements of cuisine. Here’s a couple of things you most likely didn’t know about bread.

- Bread has been around for a long time, with Pita bread existing for over 12,000 years.

- It was used as a currency in Ancient Egypt. It was considered very important, and as such, was often placed inside tombs with the deceased.

- Bread is present in many cultures worldwide and recognised as a peace offering, also often used in religious practices.

- The largest pita bread in the world was made in Greece in 2001. It was 6 by 5 feet, with a depth of 3,5 cm.

- Sliced bread was actually banned for a short time in the US in 1943.

- Speaking of sliced bread, the year 1928 is the first year when the invention was introduced to the masses.

- Sandwiches were named after the Earl of Sandwich who is responsible for the invention of this method of bread consumption.

- According to superstitions, putting a piece of bread in a baby’s cradle will keep them healthy.