We’ve been baking bread for 12 thousand years. As is the case with other food products, bread was most likely created through trial and error, though there is also the possibility that it was created by accident.

It is hard to pinpoint the details of its creation, but we can estimate how bread was evolved. It’s very likely that bread first existed in the form of a paste made of water and various grains. The oldest loaf of bread ever found was 6100 years old. It was found on Crete and it was very flat and hard, much unlike the bread of today. Bread as we know it now is dated to about 2600 BCE, Egypt, where the properties of sourdough were discovered. As the popular legend goes, a slave forgot about the grain mash that she was meant to use to make pies for her master. Left out in the sun, the mash fermented, but the slave decided to bake it anyway, making the pies softer, lighter, and much tastier. It’s impossible to determine how much truth there is to this story, but sourdough is used in this form even today and it’s hard to imagine good bread without it.