Our products


Artisan Bakery Eunice is a guarantee not only of good taste,
but above all, fresh and healthy products.


Saying bread makes the world go round is no understatement. It’s one of the first foods offered to us after milk, and it has been for centuries. For over 12,000 years, bread has been a staple in the cuisine of many countries around the world. There is just something about this baked mix of grain and water that keeps us filled and satisfied. Bread is also one of the healthiest foods available, as it is rich in nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

Our bakery provides the best bread you can imagine. Based on traditional recipes, our bread is made by hand, using our own natural sourdough, grown from scratch. Our products are made on a daily basis, meaning you get fresh bread that will make your mouth water every day. You also won’t find this much variety of real, natural bread no matter where you look. We can give you quality supermarket bakeries couldn’t even dream of.


Our products are unique and the best you can get!


Fall in love with our cakes! A wide range of sponge cakes, yeast or steamed combined with delicious creams or fruit, will amaze you!


If you’re not in the mood for savoury snacks, don’t worry! We offer a wide variety of sweet products, from croissants to cakes.


We offer a large range of bread for you to choose from. Our bread rolls can come plain, with seeds, or with any other additions you may want.


We can help you organize that dream wedding or ideal birthday party by preparing the cake which will be perfect in every way, looks and taste alike.